Sunday, 24 February 2019

The power of  corruption

Bribery is an enemy of progress. It is corruption, cheating and inhuman. To take it or give it is inhuman. Believe it or not, it is barbaric. It ruins people and nations, and prevent them from reaching their glorious future.

To take bribe is to insult yourself, profession and your potentials. People who take bribery and engage in any corrupt activity do it mostly out of fear—the fear of the future. What their habit tell me is this: I do not have ability and potentials to get my bread in the right way, so let me cheat my fellow human being (twist his hand). This is what has been impeding the progress of Africa. I believe that we can end corruption in Africa. The fol-lowing are my suggestions:

Every individual hates becoming ashamed. I believe that making corrupt people ashamed in the public is one way of ending corruption in Africa.

Africans need to change their language and songs. We sing songs of defeat, mediocrity and poverty, so we obtain them. Africa is not poor, weak nor mediocre. We must refuse to think and talk of evil about Africa. We must talk of good for ourselves and our land and it will be so. As a man thin-keth, so he is. There is really power in our tongue and thoughts; says the bible. Therefore, we must drop the defeat languages and songs, now.

Africans, if those in lead will not help, let us help us. After all most of the great things, we see were done by business people and those who lived abroad. Our future is in our hands, not in the hand of any government. We should not rely on them and continue suffering. We should rely on God, our minds, abilities, capacities and skills, not others.

We have failed and failed in times past. Now is the time to throw failure away and take up success. We can succeed, so let us change our thoughts, language and action. Let us set up good and great goals in accordance with our time and move on swiftly to achieving those goals immediately. It will not be easy, but we can make it, dear. This is a time of change.

We cannot continue to depend on the west for grants, borrowing that put us into debts, and aids. These are all insults upon us. It tells that we have no capacities and abilities to use what we have to get what we want, whereas we have capacities. Are we inferior to other human beings on the planet? What do other human beings have in them that we do not have? The truth is, it is our mindset that is destroying us. We need to change it. Our prob-lem is neither witchcraft nor Satan. Our problems were caused by our own people; and are still caused by them.

My question is how long will we continue to be accepting defeat, poverty and evil? Not forever, I know, dear. If we cannot allow it to be forever, then we must arise and act upon our enemies (poverty, disease, corruption, injustice....).

We are educated and learned. Why should we continue to accept defeat and be repeating same mistakes that brought us failure? Why should we continue to make holes that will bury us? Enough is enough of these to those that will listen. Those that will not, I call the sun and moon and the stars to curse them now until they stop-- Amen.

Dear lovely people, accountability are the only key to correction. Whether we own our business or work for someone, we need to be accountable. Trust should not make us to deny and reject accountability. Everybody in Africa must be accountable. Without this, we cannot move on. We need to let this also become part of our mind-sets.

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