Sunday, 24 February 2019

To the African

 We are spirits, but the flesh we are carrying has great influence on us. Simi-larly, the society in which we grew does have a great influence on us. Think of an African child born in Kenya and taken up to Europe to grow there. The mentality will be entirely different from those of his peers whom he or she left in Kenya.

What we hear, touch, see do affect us, because our subconscious (heart) mind do encode them. The apostle Paul, a teacher of the law knew this truth. Therefore, he cautioned us to renew our mind daily, and not to con-form to the fake and false philosophies of our world. What Paul was in fact saying was that we should resist the influence of the world us believers, else the world will take us from our heavenly vision.

In Africa, things are very hard. Things come through hard way. This influence lives and anyone born in Africa has a tendency of asking him or herself “is it possible, can I be able” when wanting to do or attempt something.

There is good news for every African that thinks that it is not easy or it is too hard to make life. The news is, “it is possible” so be strong and courageous. This was what God told Joshua soon as Moses death.

 You see, we are human being. We were created by God to dominate the earth. God created you to be a caretaker. Therefore, you are a manager, leader, director and governor. Stop the complaining and move, because you can make it. To make it in life is not cheap, yet you can make it and smile one day. If building an empire is cheap, then success is also cheap.

Getting success in life is not cheap. It requires hard work. So, be very strong and courageous. It is like digging a well to get to the water table. It will cost you lots of time, efforts, pain and injury. If fact, you will need helping hands. In addition, when you get to the water table, your abundance will be great.

In my book, HERE IS WISDOM, THE SECRETS OF KENNEDY, I talked about one of the seeds with the hardest shell and how it struggle to succeed. Yet, it is the only plant that produces two different types of oil and all its parts serves us greatly. In short, you can make it if you try to try to try again. You can and you will so, keep on keeping on.

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